25 May 2008

I have fun

I went home yesterday to visit my puppy and my parents. Macy was not very interested in taking pictures together. I guess I wouldn't be interested in pictures if I were dog, either. So, we played catch for a while and wrestled a bit. It was fun to run around barefoot in the grass.

I met up with Caety afterwards. We then hung out with Tae for a while and had Red Mill burgers for dinner. We had fun laughing about what I was like in high school.

I went on a bike ride with Caety today. We rode a little over 6 miles. It was a lot of fun to enjoy the sunshine & the breeze and make fun of all of the serious bikers in their spandex. I'm sure they were making fun of us in our dresses and bell bottom jeans, too.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to Folklife. This will be the first day she and I have gotten to spend together in a really long time. I'm excited for chocolate dipped strawberries and elephant ears.

1 comment:

  1. aw, i wish i could've stayed in seattle longer and enjoyed the beautiful weather you're having. and going to folklife!

    i miss you aly!