25 April 2011

elaine on easter

My Easter Sunday was absolutely perfect, aside from missing some key members of the family. I had a lovely time with everyone, laughed a lot, enjoyed a delicious meal and took some pictures that I will treasure always. In case I have never mentioned this before - I have been blessed with the most incredible family. 

I couldn't get over how lovely my Gramma looked yesterday, however she always looks amazing. She simply emanates beauty from the inside out. 

Ps. I started a new flickr for family photos & other such things. More photos from yesterday can be found there.


  1. gorgeous photos! she is such a pretty lady, and so are you! xo, katie

  2. Thank you, Katie! Hope you had a nice Easter with your family, too. How was Wenatchee?

    I wish I could pay Portland a visit and see you there before you head off to Texas! :( That will be such an adventure for the two of you. Can't wait to hear all about it!