25 April 2011

dinner for one/three

I had dinner with two of my favorite ladies tonight - my sister, and my sweet friend Jess. They were the best company to have, even though technically I was still sitting alone at my table, staring at a computer screen - as they are both in L.A. 

Soft, evening sunlight was bleaching out both of their faces, and as they told stories about their day at the beach and tutted over their slight sunburns, I sat there grimacing at the perpetual rain we had today and wondering if I, too, could be a California girl. This weather lately is simply not inspiring. Rain and clouds for days; except for last Saturday which was incredible (and it was only 65, or something - ha!). How have I lived in Seattle my whole life, craving the sun and heat as much as I do? It's a mystery to me. I felt like a huge grump in comparison to Jess & Ash's glow and airiness. It's the sun. It's also just them. I'm actually beginning to wonder if I come across as dark and moody all the time. I sure hope not (someone please tell me if I need to lighten up)!

To clarify, Ashley, who lives in New York, made an impromptu visit to see Jess this week. To say I am jealous is a blatant understatement. I am dying to be there with the two of them right now. As I write this, they are taking an after dinner walk in 70 degree weather to get ice cream. My heart is aching to be doing the same!