19 March 2009


Kai and I have started a tradition this week. I have decided that every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, we will take a walk to Honoré, the local bakery, and try out a different macaron until we have tasted every single one (by we, I actually mean me. He is stuck with mushy squash and green beans for a while). So far I have had lavender with chocolate ganache filling, pistacio and today, coconut with coconut creme filling and a glob of salted caramel in the very center. So pleasing to my taste buds! I got a little too impatient to try it and ended up eating half of it before taking a picture.

Tomorrow, I think I will try the passionfruit. Yum.

Ps. I am editing this on Thursday, March 26th. I tried the passionfruit macaron. I did not like it.


  1. Sounds amazing! I have to find a place in NY that has macarons, I've been wanting to try them for sooo long and have yet to. My blogger friend Amber wrote a lovely entry about them here, yummmm.

  2. It's so strange to see that you're still around. I used to read your entries over at Livejournal when you were Bunny Spoons. I'm glad to see you've stuck around. So many people have abandoned Livejournal and it's sad. :(

    That macaroon sounds delicious!

  3. Bunnyspoons! That's so funny to me now... What a different girl I was then! It's funny how I can map out that period of my life through livejournal usernames I had.

    It's flattering, but also baffling to me that there are people out there who find what I have to say interesting enough to follow me all of these years!