18 March 2009

on a walk

The sun has been shining in Seattle quite a bit, this week. At least, it has surpassed my expectations. Little Bean & I have taken little romps around the neighborhood almost every day & have snapped pictures here and there of the lovely little treasures that we see.

The first three pictures are of a very mysterious house that reminds me of The Secret Garden. It sits on a little hill on the corner of Dibble & 9th. It is surrounded by so many plants, trees and bushes that it is almost completely hidden, and seems as though Mother Nature is giving it a great, big, loving embrace. It sparks so much curiosity in me, that many times I have found myself putting one foot atop the first step on the cracked concrete stairway. I always hesitate, stare up at it a bit longer, and then scurry away. It seems so magical to me, as if it is hiding something very special. I think that's why I'm afraid to get too close.

Maybe someday, I will be very brave and knock on their front door.


  1. you right, that is a very magical looking house!man I want to move somewhere else and take little adventures,and eat food at cute cafes and go shopping at antique shops and stuff like that! I want to travel to Seattle sooooo badly!

  2. You must do it then! Seattle is a great city - although the weather lately has been less than desirable. I would suggest visiting in late July or August. Seattle summers are perfect.

  3. thanks for the advice, I find it very helpful! Although I don't think I'll be visiting very soon, due to financial problems. thanx