31 March 2009

the little prince, makes me cry

"Yes," I said to the little prince, "whether it's a house or the stars or the desert, what makes them beautiful is invisible!"

As the little prince was falling asleep, I picked him up in my arms, and started walking again. I was moved. It was as if I was carrying a fragile treasure. It actually seemed to me there was nothing more fragile on Earth. By the light of the moon, I gazed at that pale forehead, those closed eyes, those locks of hair trembling in the wind, and I said to myself, What I'm looking at is only a shell. What's most important is invisible...

It seems to me, that Antoine de Saint-Exupery and I have minds that are very much in agreement. Re-reading The Little Prince makes me think, he saw the world in a very similar fashion as myself. It comforts me a whole lot, because I don't ever want to be a grown-up who forgets that she was a child first.