22 August 2012

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What I remember...

July 9, 2012

Naps on the train from Itter to Salzburg, brief sunbreaks appeared on the mountains. A very posh British family, made up of a mother and father, a 20 something boy and three teenage girls, drinking wine & spirits and reading romance novels. They let me use their iPhone to text a friend when we realized we were on the wrong/slow train. They were the source of much amusement. Prior to our arrival in Salzburg I overheard the father say to his son, "Have you any vodka left? I never can arrive in Salzburg sober." Arrived in Salzburg several hours later than planned. The family each donned their matching white fedoras and discovered their driver waiting for them on the platform. I ate a pretzel and weißwurst for dinner, went on an evening walk, shared an ice cream with Ashley and took in the city from a high place. Salzburg is beautiful at night.


  1. It seems like your pictures just keep getting better and better during your trip! You have a very good photographic eye and it is nice to see your travels through it!:)  (Is this crazy English?) May I ask what camera you used? 

  2. It's beautiful English! Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to me! :)

    I was using an older model of the Canon Rebel and bought a new Canon EF 50mm f 1.8 II lens. The camera still works pretty good and the lens is great!