21 July 2011

first roll & then some

A selection from the first roll of film from my Canon A-1. Nothing spectacular yet, but a few sweet memories.

Today is my father's 60th birthday. We are taking him on a little day trip up to Mount Rainier. He (nor I) has ever been up there before, so his birthday treat - albeit, not his only - is to spend a full day with his family in a new, beautiful place. I've heard the weather up there isn't too nice, so if you'll keep your fingers crossed for us I'd be grateful!

I have been busy busy busy this week with three birthdays and preparing for the sale. Somehow my sister and I got distracted from scheduled duties last night and rearranged my entire apartment. It feels very foreign in here to me right now. I'm not sure what inspired me to change everything around when I don't plan to be here much longer. I have been experiencing so much anxiety about the big move I announced earlier. Perhaps by the moving of furniture I was hoping to find that a rearranged apartment was all I really needed for change. 


  1. anastastia looks like a doll! literally. beautiful lady she is.  i think these photos turned out lovely miss aly! maybe your camera getting broken is a blessing in disguise.

  2. She really does have a perfect porcelain face! 

    Thank you, sweet Claire! Perhaps it is - but I do miss it! Fit so perfectly in my pocket.