15 April 2010

today with kai

The cows seemed a bit suspicious of us at first...
But not even the Mini Panda Cattle can resist Kai's charm.

My day was not going the way I had foreseen it. I was awfully grumpy. But as you can see, things turned around. There's nothing some friendly farm animals, Molly Moon ice cream and my best friend Kai can't fix.


  1. kai is so much bigger than when i met him! he was still wobbling and couldn't really crawl that well! and now he's standing up, walking around, and playing with cows!!

  2. He's definitely smarter, older, and much more agile - but honestly, he's not much bigger. Kai is very tiny for his age. Most other 1.5 year olds are twice as big as him! However, that's part of what makes him so adorable. He looks like a super advanced 9 month old genius baby (he's actually a very advanced 21 month old genius baby). I think you'd be surprised to find him very close to the size you last saw him at!

  3. PS. Do you like his coat? I found it hanging on a post on the street around the corner from my apartment. Sometimes I find myself wishing I could dress myself as well as I dress Kai.

  4. that little guy is going to be such a charmer with the ladies!