20 August 2011


My oh my! After years of coveting the Penpals, I finally got them. This never would have come to pass without my darling friends who contributed to the Totokaelo gift certificate for my birthday*. Thank you, sweetest ladies! My feet are happy.

Also, dear Olivia gave myself and a friend each a candle. Such a sweet little token and smells so nice on a sunny summer morning.

I have been overwhelmed this week by the riches of my friendships. It's funny how only a year ago I had just a small (but wonderful) group of friends - and now I have so many and more in the works. So lucky am I!

*I also got this Edith A. Miller romper with it, too. I think it's a little big, but I can deal with that for $65!


  1. If a pair of shoes and a goddamn candle are your idea of the "riches of friendship," you got some shitty ass-friends. 

  2. Okay, well first of all, I believe you meant to attack me in that comment - which in a round about way, you did. But actually you attacked my friends for their kindness and generosity, rather than criticize me for measuring friendship in that way. Either way, you are wrong.

    I understand how that could have been interpreted in that manner, but it's certainly not what I meant. It was an entirely separate thought. Things/gifts are not how I measure friendship, but the thoughtfulness and the gesture that provided those things are demonstrations of  kind, giving and loving friends. Clearly you haven't read this blog long enough to know that about me, or my friends. Try not to judge so quickly.

  3. Those shoes are fantastic.

  4. Thanks, buddy! Rachel Comey knows what's up.

  5. www.thelittledeer.comSeptember 18, 2011 at 12:32 AM

    those shoes are SOOO cute, oh man.