29 August 2011

G R E A T   D A M E S

Ergh! Dust on the scanner.

My four day weekend involved watching too much Mad Men (I am addicted, even though it tends to only make me sad or angry - a very unhealthy relationship), a lot of baking, snacks with Dagny, a little Saturday evening party at Caitlin's with lots of lovely ladies - followed by late night drinks & catch-up time with Sharon... Lazy Sunday window shopping at Marigold & Mint and brunch with Sarah at Sitka & Spruce, many roaming sunny walks around Capitol Hill,  a tasty birthday feast in celebration of Toby (happy birthday, wonderful girl!) with a handful of simply great people... Monday morning pastries with Caitlin in the market, and an evening filled with very helpful & encouraging conversation with Christine.

By my count, that's around seven ladies (not all were mentioned by name - and still there are much more than that to be accounted for) that I spent my time with over the weekend. Each one just as smart, talented, beautiful, kind and giving as the others. Sorry if my gushing lately has become irritating or sounds boastful, but I can't help being completely bowled over by how fruitful my friendships are with the women in my life. Never before have I had such an abundance of female companions. My childhood was full of destructive and hurtful relationships with girls. Now it seems I am living the girlfriend dream, surrounded by this team of super women. This past year would have been impossible without them.

Girls, I have so much love and gratitude for each and every one of you.

I am so lucky. I am so happy. 

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