12 January 2009

my mister knightley

Tonight Ashley & I made Chocolate Molten Cakes (with vanilla ice cream, of course!) and enjoyed them very much while watching Emma. They were so rich that we couldn't finish them, but so, so yummy!

I have watched so many Jane Austen films amongst other period films over the past few weeks. I have found myself wanting to always break into an English accent and refer to everyone by their last names with the appropriate title, Mr., Miss or Mrs., before them. Ashley thinks that the best part of the movie is when my emotions get the best of me and I end up in tears. She finds it to be extremely funny and never fails to point out what a sap I am. During Little Women last week, in the scene where Beth dies, I completely fell apart. She started laughing at me when in between sobs I managed to stammer, "Why... Aren't... You... Crying!?!" This sensitivity can be blamed on our mother who obviously passed that trait onto me. She cries over everything. Even though I always end up being made fun of by her, my sister is still my favorite person to watch those movies with. We were raised watching them with all the other girls in our family and will forever remind me of my Gramma, Mama & Auntie Lisa. Very sweet memories.


  1. nice bowls..

    and by far my very favoritest movie EVER is sense and sensibility. i always choke up at the end. ahhhhh so great.

  2. omg, i am such a sap too!! haha, i even cry during 1 hour long tv shows too sometimes...

  3. I think I might be the winner on this one. I cried sooo hard at the the end of Ron Howard's "The Grinch," that we had to sit in our seats till everybody else was out of the theater so we could sneak out.

    Chocolate and tears. Throw in a bottle of Shiraz, and it's party for me. That's one of the things I adore about you Aly.