20 September 2008

unfinished house

I have found myself wanting to be simple. Live simply. Draw simply. Dress simply. Eat, think, breathe, drink, speak simply.

I'm trying to get better at being alone. I mean that in the sense of sitting at home by myself without visits from friends or phone calls. It's kind of hard to do. I used to think I was good at alone-ness. However, I realized recently that growing up in a family of 6 hardly prepares you for being a good alone person.

It is very grey and rainy today. Some of the tallest buildings are hiding in the fog. Fall is here and I am glad.


  1. I know what you mean! my friends have all left town for college, but I had to stay for a year. I'm definitely learning how to be ok with being alone, and it's tough. :[

  2. it's okay, you'll always have me haha. us and our ichat :)

  3. I didn't really mean it that way! I'm not sad or lonely. :)

  4. Can i join you? that cabin looks idyllic!