22 March 2012

F E E L I N G   T H E   P N W   I N   M A L L O R C A

Monday, March 19th

The rain fell and wind blew all day long today, and while the rain seems to have passed the clouds are still hanging around. After all of the beautiful weather we've been having, I feel like I'm paying some sort of penance for my friends at home in Seattle! I keep wishing I had an issue of Kinfolk to read and a big, warm quilt to wrap myself up in. This house with it's huge windows is straight out of a dream on a sunny day - but it gets pretty cold and drafty on days like this.

    Images: Kinfolk Magazine Gallery

Also, dreaming of a chai (Ashley, I may have to borrow your recipe!) with steamed milk, honey and cinnamon accompanied by a buttery scone. I might have to make some later as I'm not sure what else to do with my time.


March 22nd

It's still mostly grey today, but the sun is trying hard to shine. I made the aforementioned scones yesterday and taught an eager German girl (she is here with the yoga group) how to make them. I hope mine and my sister's instructions will help her to successfully bake her own once she gives it a try at home. Teaching is fun!

On the topic of Kinfolk, my itch to have a copy of the latest issue in my hands is even itchier (?) than before. My friend Ashley (the same as the chai expert mentioned earlier) styled one of the shoots/stories for Volume 3 and I want to see it with my own eyes so badly! She posted a few out-takes from the shoot on her blog. What a tease!

PS. All of this idle time has me digging around too much in my favorite shops. I want this tote (a lot) and this bottle opener and this bath towel (so many great fog linens!) and this bag


  1. Alyson! Just have to say again how your blog is something I devour every morning... Your trip looks so incredible, your pictures are SOOOO good. I would love to do some sort of collab... let's think on it! To make a big pot of chai you need lots of black tea bags (i use this tea called 'assam', but I don't think you have to use it), 8 cardamom pods, 2 or 3 bay leaves, 3 cinnamon sticks, 12 cloves, a tbsp peppercorns, lots of freshly sliced ginger, to be honest I just throw a bunch of spices together (never follow a recipe) and make sure I use a lot because I like it really strong. Have fun, your scones sound yummy.

  2. Hi lovey, 

    Your sweet blog of beauty is just thrilling me to my toes and making me miss you all together far too much! Kinfolk looks pretty cool. It reminds me of us every time we hang out  :) Speaking of getting people together for food and friendship:
    I'm getting involved with the Food Forest project out here--7 acres on Beacon Hill(Jefferson Park) entrusted to a committee of passionate souls to create a wild land of edibles open to the public! I can't wait to tell you more about it. I miss you. 

    xx Sarah 

    p.s. Any fireflies in Spain?  just something on my bucket list. I have never seen any

  3. Sarah!! I think about you so often - I miss you, too. I will email you today. The Food Forest project sounds amazing! I want to do that when I get home, too! I'll bring all of my farming skills with me. :)

    No fireflies here, as far as I know those mostly only exist on the east coast or in the south (in the States).