10 November 2011

"I   W I L L   R U N   A F T E R   Y O U

...for you are my little bunny."

With many tears and a very heavy heart, I  kissed my sweet boys goodbye yesterday.

I'm not quite sure what I will do now without them in my every day - without their hugs and their kisses. Without Kai's sweet little voice and all of his many questions and opinions. Without Asher's big smile and his funny little sense of humor. Of all the changes happening in my life right now, this one is without a doubt the hardest. I love them both with my entire heart.

Being their nanny was the best thing I've ever done.

Bunny and Baby, I am forever sending you a "blinky thumbs-up".

Ps. This is what I've been working on for Kai (password: kaiandaly - he picked it). I still have a lot more to do; three years worth of photos and videos* take some time to sift through. It is called Huckleberry Friends after the song, "Moon River". I used to sing that to him at nap time, and gently poked him on the tummy when singing, "my huckleberry friend."

*Please try to ignore my annoying baby voice.


  1. Aww what a great idea. I'm sure you will both treasure that blog and all those sweet memories in times to come.
    I know 'my' kids still look through the scrapbook I made for them when we had to say goodbye and i'm sure Kai will love looking at all the pics and videos of the two of you when he misses you.
    Also, I think I just fell in love a little when I saw that little blue ghost in the video - he's so cute i just want to scoop him up and give him a big hug :)

  2. Aly, You will ALWAYS be a part of their lives. Although you don't see them everyday, you have become a member of our family and will see them often. We may even come visit you and Ashley next year.  Kate

  3. aw I know how this is! I work at a daycare and its so hard and impossible not to love all the little ones 

  4. So very beautiful! I think you may have made me cry :'(