21 November 2011

A R O U N D     T H E     W E B     /     A R O U N D     T H E     W O R L D

Quite a few of my friends are traveling right now, each sharing beautiful photos of their adventures abroad and each getting me more excited for my own. I cannot wait to be in their shoes and capturing it all in film!

Caitlin is in Scandinavia. I especially love the one of the Icelandic horses.

Toby & Kersti are/were out and about in Asia. (Miss you girls!) This is especially funny.

Sean is all around in Europe and killing it with his photos, as per usual.

Some side notes:

Little Dipper is up & running again. Self-employment officially begins! Take a peek here, too.

I have a roll of black & white film to develop. I can't recall what I've shot with it. Hopefully there's something interesting there. I will share those soon.

Tomorrow, possibly a day at Discovery Park with Elsie and Claire (if the weather isn't completely dreadful).


  1. It seems that you have the coolest friends ever!

  2. Hello!  I only just discovered your blog, and I haven't much concrete or constructive to say, but I think we must be pals.  I am quite envious of your impending travels.  Being about your age, I am intrigued and constantly surprised by the myriad paths, all equally valid and fulfilling, that creative, intelligent people my age take.  I too have friends who are currently traveling (one for over a year now - I think he's trying to photograph every country on earth...), friends who are homebodies, one who are park rangers, ones who knit and live with cats, ones who party (not many of those), and ones who paint.  So many choices...so much beautiful.  Anywho...I'm glad I found you here it this nebulous blogosphere.

  3. I certainly think I do! ;)

  4. ah all those pictures are amazing! they make me went to pack up and got travel too! i especially love the square format.. do you happen to know if Sean uses an analog camera of digital one? 

  5. I am pretty certain he's using a  digital camera for these.

  6. Hello! I am glad you found me too!