24 April 2012

M E E T I N G   S E V I L L E

Oh, Seville! This place captured our hearts immediately. It's such a romantic and beautiful little city. We decided to go there on a whim, hopped on a train from Barcelona and five hours later arrived without any clue about where we were going or what we were doing. As I was waiting for Ashley to get her luggage I heard a familiar accent and perked up. I spotted a small blonde girl with a giant backpack, wishing another traveler good luck with a big smile on her face and then, she disappeared. Once Ash was able to wrestle her bag off the train, we found her again speaking to a taxi driver - so I ran up to her and said, "Excuse me! Do you speak English?". She was going to a hostel right in the center of the old town, so we hopped in the cab with her and just like that, we had met our new friend Lori. Without her we would have ended up wandering the streets in the dark that night, probably exhausted and frustrated. She saved us!

Once we made it to our hostel and settled in, we went out for dinner and had some of the best tapas since we've been in Spain. It was delicious! Walking home to the hostel late that night we ran into a Turkish guy with his mother and his German Architect friend. He told us to follow them to find 'the place with the red door' and that we would not regret it - so we did as he said and followed him. We ended up at La Carbonería, where in two different corners of the room men were singing and playing their guitars. People were gathered all around to listen. I have to say this was the first time I think I really felt like I was in Spain.


Love connection! Lucky girl.

Needless to say, this was the most exciting and romantic introduction to any of the places we've been so far. Perhaps that's why we fell in love so quickly?

Ps. Just to keep you up to date on where I actually am at this time - we are heading back to Seville in just a few hours after spending a few days in Nerja relaxing on the beach. There is a big festival going on called Feria de Abril which occurs every year two weeks after Easter. We made some friends with locals in Seville who were shocked when they heard we wouldn't be there for it. After we saw some pictures of the Feria, we knew we had to go back for it. So, we will be in Seville for two more nights, then we will go north to the Alsace region of France. Or at least that's the plan now - it tends to change from day to day!

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  1. sounding good! all your months of hard work, planning & saving are turning into such a beautiful experience- congratulations!