30 April 2012


I am going to take a little break from blogging over the next week or so. I became sick a few days ago and have been resting at Elena & María's home in Albacete since last Thursday. Our plans have gotten all mixed up to due to my health and various other things - but all is well! Their mother, Juani, has been treating me as though I were her own daughter and is taking good care of me. Such a sweet woman! I am so grateful for my friends - they have been our angels on this trip.

Tomorrow, Ashley and I will take a train to Valencia and then fly to Amsterdam. I am dreading this a little bit considering how I am feeling today, but we have to get up there in time for Ashley to catch her flight to California. So, we are staying there for only two nights (we found someone to stay with; our mom's friend's cousin!) unfortunately, but hopefully we can return in July so that we can spend some more time there. Meanwhile, I will be waiting for her in Liverpool where I'll be staying with my friend Stephen, whom I am so excited to see! Once I am settled in England I should have a lot of down time, so I'll pick up where I left off and share lots of pictures and stories from the beautiful Feria in Seville, plus all that followed.

For now, here are some images I grabbed from my instagram, covering the past couple of weeks. If you're not following me there yet, you should (alysonsharon)!

So, goodbye for now! Hasta pronto! See you soon!


  1. hope you feel better soon!!  :)

  2. You take such wonderful pictures. What fantastic memories you are creating of your travel time together x

  3. I know! you're such an amazing photographer... your trip seems like a dream! lucky girl you :) Feel better

  4. Hi sweet lady! Are you feeling better yet? All your pictures are so magical and heart warming...thank you so much for taking the time to blog as often as you do. I'm glad you will be staying with Stephen while visiting the UK. I wish I could be meeting you there. Safe travels my dear. 

    P.S. I have lots of credit on a int-calling card.. if you have a landline over there at Stephen's, I would be happy to call you if you feel like chatting.


  5. Sarahhh! I am feeling better, thank you. My friend Elena's uncle (a doctor) hooked me up with antibiotics (for free - whoo!) and so am healing pretty quickly. 

    I wish you were meeting me here, too. It would have been so much fun to have you to galpal around with. It's weird being here now without my sister! As for phone calls, I can always chat with you when I have wifi! No need for international phone calls. :) It's free - as though I were calling you from home in Seattle. We just have to get around the time difference, that's all. Let me know if there's a good time this weekend because I'll have LOTS of alone time!


  6. Thank you Ashley! I still dream about working on projects with you, somehow someway! xxx

  7. Thank you! It has been amazing! So so special - I still can't believe what I am doing sometimes.

  8. Finally feeling almost normal! Thank you!