06 May 2012

S E V I L L E   /    L A    F E R I A    D E    A B R I L

Hello! I'm back and feeling so much better.

I arrived in Stockport, a suburb of Manchester on Thursday. My friends Jonny and Hannah welcomed me into their home, even though they'd be gone all weekend. It's a bit strange to be without Ashley, and even more strange to be completely alone again after so long. I believe the last time I had so much time to myself was probably back in October, before I moved out of my apartment. It's good for me to have this time, I think. I can process everything I've seen and done, get some rest and recharge for the next three months that are ahead.

Sitting here in Stockport, wearing sweaters and sweatpants, a hot cup of tea never far from my cold hands - my heart aches for Spain and it's warmth more and more. I love that country!

I'm so glad Ash and I decided to go back to Seville after a couple of days on the beach in Nerja. La Feria was like a dream land. We walked through the fairgrounds just as the sun was beginning to set. The golden light cast an extra bit of magic over everything; it really didn't seem real. The people of Seville were all dressed up in their traditional wear; the girls and women in their flamenco dresses, the boys and men in suits or "traje corto" - short jackets, tight trousers and boots (I would have married any of them in a second), and "cordobés" - a flat top wide-brimmed hat. The horse-drawn carriages, the candy stands, the paper lanterns, the lights - everything about it was so beautiful! It was possibly the most charming thing I've ever seen. I felt completely transported back in time.

Feria aside, every child in Spain is dressed like a doll! I wanted to adopt every kid I laid my eyes on. 



  1. I have really enjoyed to read about your trip to europe! Spanish people really know how to party... :) 

  2. What a beautiful batch of photos! Just lovely! 

  3. Thank you, I'm so glad! And yes, they sure do - most nights in Spain I was out until 5 or 6 in the morning! No wonder I got sick. 

  4. Thanks, Elisabeth! :)