07 May 2012

L A   F E R I A   B Y   N I G H T

Our last night in Seville was a bit crazy. We met "cousins" (this is what they told strangers, so everyone would be sure they weren't together) from Texas, Tippi and Storm - amazing! We spent most of the evening with them and a group from the hostel we were staying in. After hanging out at one of the casetas, Tippi, Ashley and I headed to the carnival grounds. A word of advice; never go on roller-coasters after you've had a couple drinks - especially if the name of the ride is The Inverter... I really did think I was going to turn inside-out.

We managed to find our way home at about 6am that next morning, but believe me - we weren't the last to leave! La Feria never closes - it's open 24 hours a day for the entire week. Those Sevillanos know how to party. 

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