29 April 2012

A N O T H E R   R E Q U E S T

Hello again!

Now Ashley and I are searching for a place to stay in Amsterdam for two nights. Originally we wanted to be heading up there today, but the rates for accommodations are insane until Tuesday and we simply could not afford it. Ashley is flying back to California on May 3rd for a friend's wedding, and I am flying up to either London or Edinburgh.

I am really disappointed that we may only be spending one day in Amsterdam, but hopefully we can return later in our travels so we can experience it in a real way. For now though, we just need a place to rest our heads for two nights (May 1st - 3rd). We are clean and quiet and respectful ladies - if you or a friend could lend us a couch or their floor we would be so grateful. In the mean time, I will keep searching for cheap flights out of Valencia and affordable hostels.

Thanks again to all of you for your quick response to my plea for Paris assistance last time. I was so touched by your desire to help us!


  1. You can try to find a youth hostel in Haarlem which is really nearby Amsterdam but much cheaper. The train between Haarlem and Amsterdam goes quickly (about 10 or 15 min) and isn't expensive at all (but i can't remember exactly how much it is). Plus, bonus, Haarlem is a wonderful wonderful city and you won't regret going there if you do. Good luck in your researchs! Hope this will help you...

  2. Thank you - that's great to know! We may fall back on that if we need to. :)

  3. Have you tried airbnb.com?

  4. Hi! Yes I use it often, actually - it's great and has been so perfect when we've needed it. This time we were looking for free accommodations though - and we did, so phew!