07 August 2008

summertime snoozies

I love hot summer afternoon naps. Sometimes they last for hours. These are other memories I want to keep - just like the cheese & crackers one I posted a few weeks ago.

Mine & Ashley's friend Stephen flew in from London last night. We took him to the train station early this morning. He's going to visit friends in Portland for a week and then will come back to stay with us for six days. I miss him so much already! It's a good thing he's coming back so soon. He's so easy to have fun with. We're always really silly together and laugh a lot.

Our apartment is still very hot, even though the sun has set and we have had fans on all day. It's making me sleepy. Time for bed.

1 comment:

  1. you've had so many visitors lately, you are quite the popular lady! i miss seattle so much, every day. i really wish i could've just stayed forever.

    i miss having time for naps, i guess that's what the weekend is for.