12 October 2008

looking forward

I have had the last 3 days off to help take care of my sister. She had her wisdom teeth taken out on Friday, so I've been staying home & watching lots of movies and eating lots of mushy foods. She has to go to school tomorrow, but I have the day off - again - so I am going to be productive.

I worked this morning at the cafe, so afterward I went to Value Village - which has become my Sunday ritual. I finally found a bedside table - which now, I'm actually thinking will stay in the living room.

I plan on painting it and buying some hardware for the drawer. I just can't decide quite yet what I'm going to do exactly. I figure I should pick out the hardware first, and then decide how I'll paint it. I think I'll walk down to work (Anthro) in the morning and pick a few things out. I kind of like the bird knobs we have, or the pulls that look like branches.

I also still have a little set of drawers I need to work on. It needs painting, too and I'm also going to cover the fronts of the drawers in some paper I bought. It has silhouettes of nursery rhymes on it - like Mother Goose and Jack & Jill.

Hopefully I'll accomplish both of these things tomorrow. I also need to finish up some Parson Red Heads illustrations.

Busy, busy bee.

Ashley & I went out to lunch with my brothers today. My dad met up with us a little later. After we ate, we went to see the Fremont Troll. David expressed interest in seeing it - I guess neither he or Daniel had ever seen it before. Sort of funny to randomly do something so touristy. The boys found it amusing for about five minutes and then they got bored. It was really nice to be with the whole family (almost). I miss them a lot.

I haven't seen much of my family recently. It's making me very impatient for the holidays to get here. I want to spend time with them... And eat lots of good food. I can't wait to bake all of my favorite Christmas cookies and desserts with Gramma again this year. I love helping her with Christmas morning breakfast, too. Baked apples, kolache, tea rings, cinnamon rolls! Mmmm.

I can't believe it's only almost midnight. It feels like it should be so much later. Probably because I've been up since 5am and did a lot today.

I think I will join my chipmunk (her cheeks are so chubby!) sister now and go to sleep.

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  1. ah! i want to come back and see your apartment. it seems like so much of it has changed since i was there just a few months ago. time flies, doesn't it? i miss you!