18 November 2008

creating christmas

I spent my morning painting Christmas balls and sketching out my ideas for the decorations that I'm going to make for my first Christmas in my own home. I am so excited to get everything up and finished. I'm going to surprise my sister and put all of the decorations up while she's gone one day, so that when she comes home, she'll find that our apartment has been transformed into a cozy winter wonderland!

Tomorrow I am going to leave the city and spend some time in my parent's back yard (the woods). I'm going to spend the day digging in the dirt, collecting twigs, pine cones and rocks. Yesterday I bought a huge bouquet of dried flowers from Pike Place to use, too. I'm so antsy to get everything finished - I wish I could just do it all right now! But instead, I must bundle up and walk down town to work.


  1. Looks exciting... hope to see photos of the end result! xo

  2. You can count on it! But there's so much to do!