18 February 2009

little chris

I have not written about Christiana or John in a long time. After they left last year, I didn't hear much from them. I've tried to keep in touch, but it has been difficult for them, I think. Their lives have been so unstable since leaving, and even before when they were here, everything was a mess.

John wrote me this morning. Things are not going well in Jakarta. He cannot get work and therefore can't afford to keep Chris in school. Although, I don't even know that she is in school now, or if she ever has been. I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't been in school for over a year. He said that they will probably have to come back to the States again soon, but that his family has ignored every attempt he has made to contact them. This means they have nowhere to go upon arriving back in Seattle.

I hate this situation & have ever since I met them. It breaks my heart that Chris is so young and helpless and has to rely on her father who is almost as helpless as she is. He is all that she has, and nobody is going to give him a job. He's too old and too unhealthy. I am really concerned about both of them. Without any hesitation at all, I would be more than happy to have Christiana live with me until John could figure out a stable life and home for her. I'm sure my nanny mom wouldn't mind if she came with me to watch Kai, and I know my parents would be more than willing to help John.

I wish so much that I was financially capable to provide more for her, but at this point in my life there's just no way that I can. I cannot wait to see her again, though. I know it would be very trying to play mommy for a while, but I want to be there for her. I feel such a sense of responsibility for her, and really care for her so, so much.

Uggghh. This makes me so sad.

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