22 May 2010

Hello! It's been awhile.

I was never able to make any plans to get out of town this past week, so I ended up having a 'staycation' instead. I have absolutely no complaints! It was so much fun and oftentimes relaxing. There were many little events within my family of friends such as birthdays,  dissertation defenses, fancy dinners and outdoor concerts. I was also able to spend a real amount of time with my guy - which doesn't happen very often with our conflicting schedules. We enjoyed plenty of naps, walks, baking, movie watching, etc.  - all of the nice things that couples do. It's been so lovely to be able to simply be in his presence for longer than one evening or afternoon.  

Today I went to the nursery and bought some shade lovers (peachy pink and white gardenias, white heliotrope and hosta) for the window in my bedroom. Unfortunately I didn't purchase the correct window hanging for the flower box, so for now they'll have to sit in the kitchen. It was fun to get my hands dirty in the soil and make a big mess. I feel so proud of them, even if all I did was move them from their individual planters to a single large one. A couple of them have flowers that have not blossomed yet, but should sometime in July. I'm excited to nurture them and watch them grow.


  1. your blog always make me feel nostalgic for .. something.
    i don't know what though. it's quite cozy.

  2. Oooh what lovely photos!

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