29 October 2010

nyc note

I am having a lovely time in New York. The weather has been nice and I have been busy every day with many activities and distractions. I have seen some lovely people, had some good snacks, purchased some nice things for my home and did a little damage at the A.P.C. surplus store where I found a few things from last winter for very cheap. So what if they're from a season a whole year behind?

It's been so good to get away from home. I have found myself dreaming of not returning to Seattle, not to live in New York (I never would want to- that dream has passed), but to live elsewhere. Maybe Germany? After all, I did tell myself that if a particular thing in my life didn't work out the way I'd hoped it would, then I would flee to Germany for a while to recoup and repair. Perhaps I could go WWOOFing there, or be a nanny for a family in Munich? Well anyway. New York City is a place for dreaming, and that's certainly what I've been trying to do; hope for my future and have good faith that everything will be okay, even though I don't feel very okay right now.

My sister and I are off to the Natural History Museum, but first, we are going to make one last stop at Babycakes (I wrote about this place so long ago and now I've finally gotten to experience it) for a delicious biscuit with cream and jam. We will be meeting our new friend, Vicki there who is actually from Munich, so I will have to smother her in questions!

I hope everyone had a lovely week. I'll be back with photos and stories very soon.

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  1. I've been here since the beginning of Oct and will be going back home just in time for Christmas. I did the same thing last summer while I was off from uni. It's been great as I get to do the job I love and experience so many new things at the same time.
    And since we don't have halloween or thanksgiving back home, fall is a great time to be here :)

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been to the Cloisters, which was great. But I will definitely check out some of those other places!
    If you managed to stay away from too much shopping - i'm impressed ;) shopping in NY really is the best.

    Now if you ever need tips on where to go in Copenhagen, I can return the favor - just let me know ;)