05 November 2010


My friend Caitlin over at Metrode strongly suggested that I read this book, and for the past week I have not wanted to put it down. If I didn't have a job, I would have probably read straight through it. I have only a sliver of it left, and I am caught in that struggle of needing to continue reading, but not wanting it to end. Jonathan Franzen does such an amazing job of creating these very convincing and relatable characters. So many aspects and events of my own life are so oddly similar to the ones he created. Many of the feelings and emotions he describes with such incredible accuracy, it's as if he peered into my own mind and memories and used them for this story. I've gotten pretty emotional during some parts, and have had to hold back my tears while on the bus to and from work more times than I'd like to admit. 

It is sitting on the pillow next to me as a write this, tantalizing me. I am sure, despite how exhausted I am, I will finish it tonight. At which point tomorrow morning I will rush to the book store to pick up The Corrections before I hop on the train to Portland (excited!).  Anyway, my point is; read this book!

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  1. On my train ride home today I was thinking about how I miss Walter! I am reading The Corrections now. Did you like that one as much? So far I like Freedom best, but maybe that's just because I fell so hard for it and am still in the throws of book love.