17 November 2010

i'm wondering

Do you think people would be interested if I were to sell prints of some of my photos online? I've found myself day dreaming about that recently, but I'm not sure what the response would be. I think that, in addition to my etsy shop, I would like to expand my artistic efforts. I have had this desire to tap into another creative outlet in a realm that is more about me and less about - well, babies. Let the record show that I do not by any means consider myself a photographer, but I receive compliments from time to time, and lately my flickr stats have been kind of going bonkers. 

Well, I will ponder this further and hope to hear your thoughts on the matter. They are greatly encouraged!


  1. You could and you should, and as a framer I would love to work on your photos :)

  2. you should definitely do this.. I'd be happy to help you, if you need it

  3. Your photos, like Felice said, are really amazing and dream-like. People can take a hundred photos looking for just the "right" one, and here you are using a disposable camera (I think?) and getting those perfect "in the moment" shots without fail. They are all really lovely. I'd like to say too, that I always loved your artwork and always wished I could draw like you. I would definitely buy a print or two!


  4. my vote is yes! you better believe i would buy that first photo in this post. it's gorgeous and fall-ish and all things pretty. xo.