07 December 2010

grand hallway

Today, for the first time ever (I think), I purchased an album because of it's cover. I'm so out of touch with the music scene. I'm sure I sound like a big out-of-touch-dumb-dumb right now for admitting this. Although, in my defense, I felt I was too involved with it for so long that I chose to hide away (in my case, mostly to protect myself) and never really got back into it. I've heard of Grand Hallway before, and usually - for a smaller city like Seattle, if you hear people talking about a band, then it's probably safe to assume that they're good.  The cover is so nice and instantly reminded me of Henry Darger's work, which I love. I figured if I didn't end up liking the music, it was worth the $13.00 for something pretty to hang on my wall!

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