11 December 2010

the witch's head nebula

David Malin, The Witch's Head Nebula, IC 2118

I saw this print today while flipping through books at the Phaidon book store in SoHo. I instantly wanted it and would have purchased it were they not selling it for around $1300. I also went into A.P.C. and tried on the coat I posted about the other day. It was perfect and I would have bought it if it weren't $575. Manhattan makes me feel poor, short and chubby. In Brooklyn, I feel normal or even better than normal. 

Tomorrow, Ashley and I are going to pay our friend a visit at Princeton. I am excited to see the campus and be someplace I have never been before. Then it's time to go back home, and I'm okay with that this time. I think that means I'm (slowly) getting better. 


  1. i've seen a smililar coat at zara, but i don't know if it's also available in the US. i just looked up if they got it in the online store, but i couldn't find it, not in the european one and not in the american one, but they got it. maybe you are lucky there :)

  2. this doesn't exactly have to do with space matter per se but i've seen this book quite often each time i've gone into the bookstore here in downtown ashland and, if you haven't heard of it, i think you might find it interesting, perhaps enjoyable.