11 February 2011

an unfortunate event

Uncle Lew with me & Ashley.

It is nearly 4:00 in the morning. My hair smells sterile, like latex and hand sanitizer. I just returned home from the ER at Harborview where I spent the past five hours with my uncle Lewis. He was in a bad skiing accident (he says he ping-ponged between trees for 30 yards) this morning and as a result has six broken ribs, a fractured hip and possibly other complications. He will be going into surgery tomorrow morning to repair his hip. He will also need hand surgery; the bone snapped out of his right index finger. He seems to be doing okay; even from his hospital bed where he is braced and taped and tubed, he was sending me light-hearted emails from his blackberry before I arrived. I think he is in a lot of pain - but he is a tough guy and doesn't let on. I might be more nervous about this if it weren't for the team taking care of him. He is being very well cared for of by a large array of great doctors and especially by his very attentive nurse (not the young blonde he was hoping for, but rather a very funny and friendly male who at least I was able to enjoy). 

I completely love and adore my uncle. Being the first grandchild, niece, etc. born into my family, I naturally got a lot of attention - but I have very specific and fond memories of my uncle Lew. As I have become an adult he has made a great effort to spend time with me, get to know me and understand me for who I am now and as an individual apart from our family. Our time together is so incredibly special to me. He is always full of great stories, wisdom and laughter. Not only does he have a big heart and a great mind, he has an exceptional aesthetic. He wears Filson and drives an 80's model Porsche Targa and old Volkswagen van. He still listens to Cream and George Harrison. He makes a great pie and is the most enthusiastic consumer of my own baked goods. He has a tendency to call and leave a voicemail that simply poses the question, "Hey! Where's my cake?!" and nothing else. Undoubtedly, he is the coolest guy I know.  I often feel like I am being handed this very special privilege to not only be his niece, but be his friend. He is someone that I could not imagine my life without. As a child he was a hero to me (all of my mom's siblings were) and even still, he remains one.

So, please, please please - heal quickly, sweet Unc! I still have so many cakes and pies to make that you must test, and you have yet to take me camping in your Vanagon. 

Please be sending your positive thoughts, get well vibes, prayers, etc. in his direction. And if anybody knows of the most perfect lemon meringue pie recipe, do please send it my way. It was his one perpetual request throughout the whole night and I plan to bake one and deliver it to him as soon as possible. 


  1. Rebecca S ChristopherFebruary 11, 2011 at 5:56 AM

    What a sweet, handsome man! I will pray for him.

  2. So sorry to hear this. Praying for him!

    As for the pie, I trust Mark Bittman in most things. Maybe try this? (Sorry about the crazy link -- it's to a google books page)


  3. Sounds like a great guy. Hope he heals quickly. Harborview is the best place to be for that kind of thing. Sending out good vibes!

  4. Best uncle ever! He's not mine, but I sure wish I had one like him. You are pretty lucky to have an uncle like that, just as he is pretty lucky to have a sweet niece like you. Praying for your uncle's swift recovery! <3