17 February 2011

should I?

Lately Kai has been asking me every day, "Did you get a haircut today, Ah-yee?" I haven't had a hair cut in nearly 6 months. He may only be two years old, but he has smarts - so I'm wondering if he's trying to kindly hint at something. Besides, it's probably about time and I am growing a little bored with how long it is. After seeing this shoot on Closet Visit the other day, I've been toying with the idea of chopping it all off. Although, in the past this has proven to be a mistake, so I am a little weary... And long hair is so pretty.

I don't know.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, you're awfully sweet! I've gone back and forth between short hair and long hair quite a few times. The last time I cut it I told myself, "Next time, don't do it!" But sometimes I'm not very good at taking my own advice. I won't make the decision hastily, that's for sure.