15 March 2011

a few little things

Ever since my heart started feeling lighter and my head less foggy, I've been without much to write about.  Which troubles me some, as I dislike it very much when creativity in people is only spurred by depression and negativity (I have one particular person in mind right now, and I have confidence that at least one of you will know who). The weather has also been rather uninspiring. As I write this, the sky is falling on Seattle. The rain is coming down so hard and heavy I almost can't hear anything else but white noise. Thunder was shaking the house earlier and I was shaking my fist right back at it. Normally I love these kinds of storms, but we've been having them so often lately they're losing their appeal a bit.

So, one out of a few things that have excited me over the past few days include the square of felted wool that Caitlin made. This one in particular was her mistake, but I loved it so she offered it to me. I accepted the gift with much enthusiasm. I plan to hang it on my wall with some fishing wire or perhaps even a hanger like the one pictured, only a nicer version with a wider wooden piece (technical name for that, anyone?). 

Over the weekend, while tending to my plants that are still somehow surviving (I do not have a green thumb*), I noticed that Baby (name given by Olivia) was blooming a lovely white lily. This is her first flower ever to appear, so that was a nice surprise. Apparently I'm doing something right.

I've been splurging** a little too much on clothes lately, so last evening I was returning a few things when I spotted this A.P.C. Madras skirt on sale for $10. It used to be $175! A deal like that cannot be ignored. Though it is pretty, I admit I'm not exactly so desperately in love with it and I probably wouldn't have grabbed it had it been much more. I certainly would never have purchased it at full price, but for 10 bucks I don't mind if I only wear it a couple of times. Besides, it's A.P.C. so I can count on it being made well. All of their pieces that I own have been good to me. 

The storm has passed! I spoke too soon.

*Actually, it's literally quite black and blue. I'm anticipating the nail to fall off soon, which I am totally grossed out by.
**By splurging I mean spending a little out of my current means. Never before would I have classified one $60 top and a $70 dress - both silk- splurging. Woe is me.


  1. i like this one. the title. the photos. your little edits here and there. it's a rainy grey spring break down here, too. and i also recently splurged as well, except not on clothes, but on records. i dropped some sixty dollars on some records at my favorite record store in salem when i visited over the weekend.

  2. Enjoying a new record is truly one of the greatest things! There are three things I never feel too guilty about spending money on; 1. music, 2. books, 3. baking supplies/tools.

  3. oh no! i did it again today. oh dear oh dear.

    i recently signed up to volunteer at the ashland independent film festival again this year. i looked at the list of films to be shown, hoping to see the true believers on there but it isn't. how is it possible to see that little movie? do you know? if you don't that's okay.

  4. Ohh! Hmm, I don't - but I can find out! I thought it was going to be in the festival this year but I guess not.

    PS. Regarding your prints; I never got a call about the other print I was having made, so it kept slipping my mind this week to stop by and get the rest taken care of. It's been a crazy week! I'll try to get around to that tomorrow.

  5. hey that's okay. don't even worry bout it.