12 March 2011

helping caitlin

Caitlin asked me to work with her on the photography for her many-time-mentioned new shop, Metrode (or here, for now). So yesterday, I was privileged to help with the prepping of a few more images. We did a short little session which involved many wardrobe changes and a little bit of hair tossing. Little Scout and Abbey (shooed away before she could claim any beauty shots of her own) were very curious about all of the activity. 

Between outfit swaps, I took a few snapshots of her studio. Shades of white and grey, clusters of pyrite and plenty of soft sheep skins; pretty perfect. Working and collaborating creatively with another person, especially a friend, is so much fun and very inspiring to me.

Thank you, Caitlin for honoring me with your invitation to lend a hand.

A few sneek peeks from the shoot can be found on Caitlin's blog, here.


  1. you have such a distinct & consistent eye for your photographs.. really love these

  2. Wow, so pretty. I love the minimalism.

    P.S. I spy a Turkish bath towel? Etsy?

  3. I love those bath towels! I just found that shop the other day. I want a little set so badly but I cannot justify it right now. Maybe I'll treat myself to one as a beach towel....

    But the one pictured is a wool blanket that she got from Mexchic (http://www.etsy.com/shop/mexchic). Also very nice and on my perpetual wish list.