01 March 2011


Ack! I have reassumed my bad habit of impulse shopping. I bought a few things last weekend, which I will have to return to make up for the two new tops I purchased this evening on my way to the grocery store. And just now, I snatched up these rings from Portals and Prisms. I just couldn't let anyone else have them! I think they're so delicate and pretty.

I would really like to get a little leather pouch from Rennes as well. I have to keep my little glass bottle of precious hormones with me wherever I go, so I would like to have something nice to keep them safe in. I just cannot decide on a color. Mint? Pink? Or should I play it safe and get a nice, neutral brown?

Other things on my current wish list include some Stella McCartney underpinnings from Lillie Boutique (totally unnecessary, but I'm sure I could find a way to justify it), these pretty little gold rimmed dishes, this moon chart, and a whole lot of stuff from Herriott Grace - like a wooden cake stand, the porcelain juicer, a mortar & pestle and a collection of the breakfast bowls and plates.

I'm sure I could come up with much, much more - but I really ought to go to sleep.

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