26 March 2011

saturday spring cleaning


After a greasy breakfast at Linda's with friends, ones that I have been missing so dearly*, I trotted home in the rain. Without any plans for my Saturday until a birthday dinner at 8pm (with those same aforementioned friends), I decided to accomplish some major spring cleaning. I tackled the disaster in my closet. It's become a huge mess and has accumulated so much unnecessary clutter. I can now walk in there without tripping over something. I hung the prints that I bought during my last visit to New York. They have been framed but stacked on the floor for several months. It's so nice to finally see them on the wall. I also planted the succulents I bought last weekend at The Palm Room. I made quite a mess, but feel very pleased with myself for how pretty it turned out. Now I am lounging in bed and contemplating a nap before my night out. Although, there honestly isn't much to contemplate. It's a rainy day and a nap would be good for my aging and tired 26 year old body. These late nights have been hard on me - but I'm loving it. 

*I plan to go into more detail about this another time. I have very recently returned to my life of yesteryear; seeing the friends I've been hiding away from during my "rehabilitation". It's been keeping me busy, so I apologize for my silence lately. There is much going on in my head and heart - I am feeling happy. Happy! Yes, happy! I will be gushing soon.


  1. So happy for your happiness! Do gush & share soon, lady. xo

  2. I will, I promise! It feels so good to say that word.

  3. Your home looks so airy. Sometimes it's so lovely to clean everything up, then I always think "why I didn't do that earlier ?"