05 April 2011

a day with tae

A couple of weeks ago, I challenged (forced, kind of) my friend Tae - the most tasteful Seattle real estate pro and talented photographer - to make a pact with me, which entailed that we would both make an effort to take at least one little nugget of time a month and devote it to spending one-on-one with our cameras. So on Saturday, after a delicious brunch at Monsoon (why didn't I take pictures of the steamed bbq pork buns? I could eat a million of those), we ventured out in the grey & gloom to the arboretum. 

We were merely two of many, many nerds out there with cameras in tow - everybody was out donned in their rain coats, taking macro shots of cherry blossoms. I don't think either of us were convinced that we had come up with much, but once I sat down to look through them all, I felt there were a few worth sharing. They're quiet and the colors muted - but appropriately so, since that's what Seattle springs are like. 


  1. Your shots are really lovely and peaceful

  2. Thank you, Laura!