08 April 2011

the last supper

My family, with Ashley via g-chat, shared our last supper at home by picnicking on the living room floor. With boxes stacked high around us, we laughed about our favorite memories while making special new ones. It was a beautiful and bittersweet evening. Although it's heartbreaking that we have to leave this place, it's probably more important to keep in mind how lucky we've been to share such a perfect home for the past 22 years. What's more, is that it wasn't necessarily the house that made growing up there so wonderful. Of course the memories we have there are precious, but it was my family and the love and friendship that we all share that make it so warm. No matter where we all end up, whenever we are all together, we will be home. Okay, I know this is all a bit mawkish, but it is true. Hopefully, by reminding myself (and everyone else) of these things, it will make the change a little easier to cope with. 

I certainly will miss that beautiful view, though.

Ps. These pictures are quite mediocre and really do not reflect how nice the evening was. My camera battery was dying, it was getting dark, and I was more interested in participating in conversations and being present than hiding behind the lens. Sometimes I feel disconnected from what's happening around me when my eyes are always glued to the camera. I just hope I don't regret not having better photos later on.