05 June 2011

new york: part 1

Well, I hate to say it, but I am back from New York. I had the best time and am now experiencing some serious reality blues. The weather was perfectly hot and humid all week* and I did just about everything I said I would. I have hundreds of photos and not enough energy to go through them all. So for now, here is just a tiny selection from my first evening and the first half of my second day. 

1-2. Ashley greeted me at the airport with strawberries from the Park Slope farmer's market, which were happily welcomed after being stuck with garbage airport food all day.
3. Sissy, on our way to the subway for a night out with friends. We went to a great German beer garden, one that I cannot remember the name of but really enjoyed. Their sausage on a pretzel roll was quite tasty.
4-8. On Monday morning, Ashley, Viki and I walked the Williamsburg bridge over to Manhattan and strolled around the West Village.
9-11. We then had lunch at Cafe Gitane, which was such a dreamy (and delicious) place. Everybody on staff was dressed in stripes and denim shirts. Anybody who knows me will immediately know the affection I felt for that. 

Ashley had to work that afternoon (she is a nanny, too), so the three of us trekked back over to Brooklyn to pick up Ona in Cobble Hill. There are photos of that sweet little button and the rest of Monday to come. For now, I am going to close my computer and hope that I can find someone to dine (cheaply) with me this evening. After being with at least one other person constantly for a week, I'm feeling the absence of company (specifically, the absence of my sister) a bit tough today. 

*As promised, I did not complain once about the humidity. Plenty of other people whined and moaned, but I'm a girl who knows what it's like to live in constant gloom. So I smiled and swam through the heavy moisture in the air and loved it.

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  1. Nice atmosphere! I wish it was that warm here as well. Looking forward to 'part 2'.