09 June 2011

new york: part 2

My sister is the nanny for the owners of Project No. 8, who, as you can tell by their shops have a perfect aesthetic which they seamlessly translate to their own home. I immediately fell in love with their place the moment I first stepped inside last November; a perfect brownstone in Cobble Hill, with modern touches and built-ins but still has all of the original woodwork, fireplaces and doors. It's a perfect balance of modernism and old-world charm. They are minimalists in their decor, which typically might make a home feel stark and cold, but little messes of things here and there, like family snapshots and handmade cards by their girls keep it feeling cozy.

The whole family, except for little Ona, were on vacation in Portugal when I arrived, so Ashley had to stay a night with her and I got to tag along. I was more than happy to live there for one night. Waking up in their perfectly cool, white room, partially guarded from the heat by the ivy covering their windows felt so refreshing. The shower has a window that is also covered in ivy, so it almost seemed like I was bathing outdoors - a really nice feeling when you're actually in a crowded, hot and muggy city.

I kind of just want to move in with them - and, considering they are a family made up of all blonde girls, I would fit in perfectly.


  1. are you kidding me with this place?? unreal. 
    i'm stealing that paper flower garland (?) idea asap.

  2. Your pictures turned out so sweet.  I look a little large in that second one but whaaatev.  I wish you were here with me always. xxoo

  3. I know - it's beautiful! Three floors and an awesome basement. I'm seriously hoping I might get to move there and rent it out.