11 June 2011

norwegian wood

I saw the US premiere of Norwegian Wood at SIFF this evening. Everything about this film was beautiful. I think this could be the very first time a movie has ever been just as good as the book.

You. Must. See.


  1. i finished reading that book only just yesterday. i'd like to see the movie but i have a feeling it will be a while. is it showing at lots of places I wonder?

  2. It hasn't been distributed in the states yet, from what I understand. Once it comes out near you, you really have to see it. I cannot stop thinking about it. I read Norwegian Wood probably 5 or 6 years ago, and since seeing the film I've desperately wanted to pick it up again. I used to have a copy but can't find it, so to the bookshop I go!

    Ps. Did you like it?

  3. yes i think i did. it was a new interesting read for me. it's not often that i read a straight up love story, much less one for adults. i hear mixed reviews from friends of mine who have read it which i kind of like in a way. the book is so emotional i really like the way he writes and describes things so plainly and beautifully at the same time. but that's just a first impression.