06 October 2011

M A R G A R E T     H O W E L L

When Margaret Howell was featured in the Times Magazine column, Profile in Style a while ago, I saved the pictures from the article and ever since have often clicked through them, escaping into the photographs of her home and imagining myself enveloped in the ease and coziness of it. I love the minimalism of her home and her mid-century furniture flea market finds, combined with the little messes and personal touches here and there, like the old black and white family photographs and the occasional sign of her work - the well-used scissors and fresh pencils. The dried hydrangeas on her bookshelf remind me of my mother. They are her favorite flower - growing up there were always (and still are) big bunches of them around the house. 

This place seems familiar to me, perhaps only because I want it to be. Having a home like Ms. Howell's someday would be a dream. Especially on grey, cool days like the ones we experience so much here in Seattle. A place near the beach, surrounded by tall grass and warmed by a wood burning stove would make each day feel so golden. 


  1. I want to go to there.


  2. these are great. i'm going to live on the oregon coast someday. i've told myself so many times. also, great new logo (i'll tell you on your own blog. haha). i'm definitely a sucker for italics. i think they should be used more. 

  3. Dear Aly,
    I've decided to listen to my heart... My heart says to me: "give up the big city life and move to a place, where you can create a home." A home just like Ms. Howell's... Such an inspiration! Thank you.
    I am so calm and happy about this decision. Can't wait to hear about your news ;) Don't let me wait too long!

  4. oh... I lost my words. It is so beautiful.