02 October 2011

A     P E R F E C T    D A T E

Kai has been in school full time for the past two weeks. He and I never get to spend time together anymore, so we schemed (not really) and had a slumber party on Friday to make up for it. He was so excited when we first arrived at my place, he was literally bouncing off of furniture and tumbling all over the floor. We went to sushi for dinner, picked out two books at the book store - special ones to keep at my place for when he comes over; Harold and the Purple Crayon, and My World. We had a Beach Boys dance party and then ate ice cream. We snuggled up in bed and read the special books, then two hours after his bedtime, he fell fast asleep. All throughout the night I was in mama bear mode, all of my senses were heightened - I couldn't sleep because every noise I heard had me ready to fight off whatever foes may try to hurt the sweet little life that was slumbering next to me. Kai however, slept like - well - a baby. Every once in a while he'd start grasping around in his sleep, and as soon as his hands found me, he would cuddle up close. 

At 7:00 in the morning, he was ready to get up and get moving. He dragged me out of bed and we made waffles from scratch. I still only have one chair at my kitchen table, so he sat in it while I sat on the floor. I took a picture of my view from the floor, and he took a picture from his view sitting above me in the chair. Shortly after, he joined me on the floor. After breakfast we went on a rainy day walk so that I could get a cup of coffee that I so desperately needed, we checked out some of the construction sites (he loves everything about them - but what little boy doesn't?) and then returned to my place for more dancing, more wrestling and tickling and jumping on the bed. He repeatedly told me, "I really like being here with you Aly."

That afternoon we reluctantly got on the bus and headed back to Ballard. On my bus ride home without him, I felt a little bit lonely. He's just the sweetest thing. I often wonder, if it's possible to love this little boy as much as I do, how will it feel someday when I have a little one of my own? That love just must be completely overwhelming!


  1. very, very, very cute. 
    i feel exactly the same way about having my own kids! 

  2. So envious of this! The relationship you have with the little boy, and how fruitful your job is. Any advice for a someone who is looking to get into work similar to this?

  3. Charlie might not have Kai's helium voice or miniature stature but will LOVE Aly hang times- you have a way with little guys!! Can't wait for him to meet you. 

  4. I cannot wait either! We're all going to have so much fun together.

  5. It really has been the most rewarding job I've ever had. There has never been a day that I didn't want to go in, even when the boys are driving me nuts I still want to see more of them. It was all by chance that my nanny family found me, and I was just lucky that I get along so well with the parents. They're so easy going, generous and kind. I really don't know how to go about finding a family on your own, but after years and years of babysitting and now three years of being a full time nanny, I think finding parents whose parenting style naturally matches your own is super important. It makes the whole job so much easier and enjoyable, and usually sets a great foundation for your relationship with the kids. It helps so much when everyone is on the same page and then you don't have to worry that the choices you're making are going to jive with with Mom and Dad. So if you ever interview with a family and you find their rules, ideals or parenting to be at all weird or frustrating, I would steer clear. I've had nanny jobs like that and every day was miserable. I couldn't stand the way the household was being run, and therefore had a really hard time connecting with the baby, which is the most important part of the job, I think.

    I have a lot to say and have many opinions about nannying in general, so feel free to email me with any questions you may have. I'd be happy to offer advice or just share my experiences with you!

  6. He's a pretty witty kid! What made you laugh?