12 December 2011

B A G S    &    B A L A N C E

I was on a lunch date with my Uncle last Friday when our server spilled wine all over my weekend bag and my coat. The poor girl felt terrible, as did I to see my stuff covered in purple stains (and her face covered in tears). The restaurant is going to replace my bag and pay to have my coat cleaned, thank goodness. So now I am scrambling to find a replacement before they forget or change their minds.

The one that most closely resembles my bag (and also the most reasonable choice) is probably bag number two, by Hope. I don't love it, but it will have to do. I wish I could swap my canvas and leather weekender out for a Vanessa Bruno bag, but I know that's asking too much. Still though, I am dreaming about it. 


The weeks are flying by and I can't figure out where the time is going. Living with Gramma is such a time warp. I am really enjoying the special memories we're making, but I sure do miss my life that I left behind over a month ago. I feel so disconnected from everything, despite all of the efforts I make toward spending time with my friends and bussing to Seattle every chance I get. It's extremely different from the way things were before my move. Not bad necessarily, but so different! I am living in a completely different world where I find myself feeling frustrated with my inability to be present in the other parts of my life that I wish I could be.  Hopefully I can find a way to arrange my time and space so that it is better balanced. 

PS. To those of you whom I have received emails from in the past month, I apologize for not responding yet! I have read every single one and have the intentions of getting back to each of you.

1. North South Tote, by A.P.C., 2. Canvas Tote Bag, by Hope, 3 - 6. New Satchel, Lune Hobo, and Lune Satchel, by Vanessa Bruno.

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