28 December 2011

P R I N T    S H O P    U P D A T E

You can now see a limited preview of what will be available in the Marmunia print shop after the new year! I am still working out a few kinks with the printers, but we should have it all settled within the week. I will be adding more of my collages soon, and later I may offer some prints of my photographs. I have yet to discover where I'd like to have those printed.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings about what you see. I'm a little nervous to reveal it all to the world, but excited too.



  1. they're beautiful, and make me feel light and transported. 

  2. so so so excited to have your gorgeous prints at LOWELL!!!

    s o o n :)

  3. im ready and waiting to place my first order! Ste :)

  4. Oh good! That is the feeling I'd like for them to evoke. Thank you!