21 January 2012

T U L I P S    &     L I G H T

I've been feeling a bit low this week. Just a lot of dumb things happening in procession of one another that amounted to a minor sob fest last night. Oof!

While at the market with Gramma today, I bought some tulips - a little piece of spring to put some spring in my step. The snow is melting (which I am now ready to say goodbye to) and the sun is shining. The pretty light it is casting throughout the apartment is helping to lift my spirits quite a bit, too.

Ps. Mister Obama also has been making me smile when I'm feeling blue.


  1. feeling blue in spring time??¿ oh no, no no....

    now you can't!

  2. Oh no, it is the middle of winter where I am (Seattle)! Sadly spring is still a ways away. That definitely made me laugh, though. Thank you!! :)

  3. tulips are one of my favorite flowers. :) feel better.