10 March 2012

M O N D A Y   I N   M A D R I D   -   P A R T   O N E

Years ago, when Elena and I first began speaking, she posted a photo on flickr of her living room. The image of that room has always stuck with me; I thought, That is a perfect apartment! Where can I find a place like this of my own?

Four years later, I stepped into her living room and immediately it hit me - This is THE place! I had completely forgotten that photo was of Elena's home. When I put two and two together, a feeling of nostalgia or something - I can't explain (a type of other-worldiness?) - came over me. I have walked into that picture now, four years later! So strange, and so exciting. Oddly enough, it was more of a shock and excitement than seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time, or the coastline of Mallorca which I had so impatiently anticipated for so long. Perhaps because I wasn't expecting it? I'm not sure, but it was quite a surprise! I imagine that  must have been a bit of what Alice felt when she stepped through the looking glass.


  1. her apartment looks amazing! i love the mirror and the tiles in the kitchen. 

  2. It feels like spring in there, even on a cold March night. Completely lovely in every way, which can probably mostly be attributed to its inhabitants - all beautiful, sweet ladies.