15 May 2012


To be honest I don't feel much like doing this right now - sometimes writing takes more energy than I can muster. However, if I don't do it now who knows when I will? I've been in Liverpool for a week now - most of my time has consisted of helping my friend renovate his family's huge house from the late 1860s. My contributions have been small (speckling, sanding, painting) compared to the tasks that he and his brother are carrying out on a daily basis - but still, I'm tired!

There's not a whole lot to tell about our stay in Albacete; I was pretty sick and stayed in bed nearly the whole time we were there. It was hard to be ill when there was so much more I would have liked to be doing, but there couldn't have been a better place to be. Elena and María's mom, Juani, took care of me as though I were her own daughter. I felt so comforted by that, considering how far away my own mother is (no matter how old I get, I'll always long for her when I'm not well).

I did get to enjoy a couple of days with the girls before I was at my worst. The night we arrived, a big group of us went to their friend's restaurant which was delicious and without a doubt the best food we had in Spain. The restaurant itself was so charming and so Spanish. I couldn't put my camera - or my fork down!

I cannot recall what this all was, but what I do remember were teeny tiny pancakes with some sort of fried cheese on top, and in the center of the plate is lavender jam. 

These were so good! Crunchy and cheesy on the outside, doughy and moist on the inside.

 What a doll! Missing you, sweet friend.

 I am so fortunate and so grateful to have these girls in my life. Thank goodness for the internet. ;)


  1. What the f is that flaming s?!

  2. yummm!!!!!

  3. your sisters eye glasses are just perfect! do you know where she got them?

  4. They're from Warby Parker! My glasses are also made by them and I love them.

  5. A meal you certainly would have appreciated, Ashley! :)

  6. I can't remember the names for any of them! It was just fire basically, that they used to caramelize the tops of the pineapple. So tasty!