31 May 2012

T H E   C O T T A G E


Fresh sage from the garden.

Heather's little collection of teapots. 

Scotia - what a sweet girl! Her looks and demeanor remind me so much of Macy. Makes me happy-sad.

Ahhh.. Sage tea.

You guys, I am LOVING where I'm at so much right now! We completely hit the jackpot when we found Heather and Paul (via helpx). Every day we are busy working in the garden, cooking, baking and learning all sorts of new things - and every moment is full of stories, laughter and fun. Everything about them and their home feels so familiar and comfortable. I feel so lucky to be here.

Whenever I find a moment to write, I know that I just keep promising more stories and photos, yet I haven't actually followed through with too many of those lately. So, here's one more promise to add to the others. I will be updating soon with much more - really! Until then, I have to catch up on my sleep. We have a busy day at the farmer's market tomorrow!


  1. wow! the photos, the place and that light look so gorgeous!
    i didnt know that website and i've been checking it out and the idea of going abroad and help at a farm is becoming a good option for me in a near future... thanks!:)

  2. love to see places like this. and fresh sage tea makes you feel good.

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